Terahertz Powermeter
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  • Terahertz Powermeter
  • Terahertz Powermeter
마일리지 공급가의 1%
제조사(브랜드) VDI
판매사/수입사 Terasense
납기일 3개월
배송비 기본 배송료 3,500원(배송방법에 따라 배송비가 달라집니다)
배송정보 10만원 이상 구매시 기본택배 배송료 무료
주문안내 최소 주문 가능 금액 : 3만원
제품 사양서 인쇄
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Cat. No. 모델명 제품명 사양 판매단위 판매가 수량
21-004426-01 PM5B Terahertz Powermeter Power Range:1 µW up to 200 mW set 견적가
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The VDI Erickson PM5B Power Meter is a calibrated calorimeter-style power meter for 75 GHz to > 3 THz applications. It offers power measurement ranges from 1 µW up to 200 mW. The PM5B is the de facto standard for  > 100 GHz power measurement. The sensor head has a WR10 input and VDI sells a variety of input waveguide tapers for use at other frequencies. The VDI Erickson PM5B can typically be delivered within 9 weeks ARO or less. Contact VDI for more information. 

PM5B: Compared to the PM5, the PM5B offers minor modifications and a CE mark. Contact VDI for more detailts. 

PM4 to PM5B Upgrade: A cost effective solution is available to upgrade existing PM4 units to achieve the full performance of the PM5B. Upgrades of the PM3 systems are also available; however, although upgraded PM3 units will have improved performance, these may not achieve the full performance of a new PM5B. Contact VDI for more details.

Measurements Above 110GHz: For measurements above the WR10 band (75-110GHz), VDI recommends purchasing waveguide tapers. Waveguide tapers transition from a smaller waveguide to a WR10 waveguide. The basic layout of this power measurement is:
[DUT] + [WRX.X to WR10 Taper] + [WR10 Waveguide on Power Meter] + [Power Meter]
The WRX.X denotes the waveguide band that best matches the output waveguide of the DUT. 
Contact VDI for more details.
Product Details: The PM5B is a waveguide dry calorimeter designed to be a primary standard for power measurements throughout the mm-submillimeter range. It is constructed with a waveguide load having a 6 second thermal time constant, and an excellent RF match. A thermal feedback circuit makes the sensor much faster (~0.1 sec TC) for most measurements. A calibration heater resistor is mounted on the load at nearly the same location that most of the input power should be dissipated. Very efficient coupling to the load may be made using standard linear tapers to any smaller waveguide band, and the response is fairly insensitive to the mode content. Input loss is minimized through the use of a very short waveguide.
The PM5B is similar to its predecessor the PM4, but has lower noise, improved response, a USB interface instead of RS-232, and open source LabVIEWTM code. The range of the PM5B can be changed manually or by sending commands through the USB interface. The PM5B also offers an autoscaling feature that allows the range to be automatically changed depending on the input power level.
 Typical PM5B Performance
 Scale 90% Response Time* RMS Noise
 200 mW  0.15 sec  ~0.02 µW
 20 mW  0.2 sec  ~0.08 µW
2 mW 0.6 sec 0.03 µW
200 µW 12 sec 0.003 µW

*Response time is given as the time from the application of an input
to a response at the analog output of 90% of the final reading.
 PM5B Specifications Summary
 Description Specification
Signal Input WR10 Waveguide
UG387 Precision Flange
Input Loss  
Maximum VSWR  
Frequency Response 75 GHz to >3 THz
Input Power Range 1 µW - 200 mW
 Maximum Input Power  200 mW (Average)
Cal Factor Adjustment ± 29.9 dB using digi-switches
Calibration Check Internal, All Ranges
Temperature Drift Compensation  
Data Port USB 2.0
Display 4 1/2 Digit LED
Analog Output 0-10 V (BNC Connector)
AC Power Input 90-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Sensor Size 5.1 x 4.8 x 7.6 cm
Power Meter Size ~8.9 x 15.2 x 26.7 cm
Operating Temperature Range 10-30°C
PM5B Option List

-Sensor prepared for use in vacuum (operation in vacuum will alter calibration and other specifications)

-Transitions to other standard waveguide bands are available

 Additional Notes:
1. A 1 m cable connects sensor to the PM5B.
2. The PM5B has four power ranges (200 µW, 2 mW, 20 mW, and 200 mW).
3. Auto scale mode allows for relatively rapid range changes (~30 seconds) compared with the normal ranges. The range will automatically change based on input power. For extremely low power measurements (<1µW), the Erickson PM5B should be used in normal (not auto scale) mode on the 200µW scale where low sensor drift is important.
4. A 1kΩ heater resistor (on the RF load) is used for DC calibration. Internal calibration check on all ranges.
5.The sensor has a thermal time constant (1/e) of 6 seconds. For faster response, the load is heated to a nearly constant temperature using a feedback loop. When input power is applied, the heater power is reduced, and the circuit measures the change, which is equivalent to the input power. The loop gain varies with the power to be measured, changing the response time.
6. VDI provides a one inch WR10 straight waveguide section attached to the WR10 sensor flange. The sensor flange can be easily stripped which requires the entire sensor head to be replaced. VDI recommends that the customer does not remove the one inch WR10 straight waveguide section from the WR10 sensor flange. 

1. 단순변심일경우 : 물품수령 후 7일이내 반품가능(반품배송비 구매자가 부담)
2. 표시, 광고 내용과 상이하거나 물품 하자인 경우 : 물품수령 후 3개월이내, 또는 그 사실을 안날 또는 알수 있었던 날로부터 30일이내 반품가능 (반품배송비 판매자가 부담)

단, 아래의 내용인 경우에는 교환/반품/환불이 불가능하오니 참조하시기 바랍니다.

1. 반품요청기간이 지난 경우
2. 고객님의 책임있는 사유로 상품등이 멸실 또는 훼손된 경우(단 상품의 내용을 확인하기 위하여 포장 등을 훼손한 경우는 제외)
3. 주문 당시 해외 발주 상품의 경우
4. 고객의 요청으로 주문제작이 이루어진 경우
5. 포장을 개봉하였거나 포장이 훼손되어 상품의 가치가 현저하게 감소한 경우
6. 고객님의 사용 또는 일부 소비에 의하여 상품의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
7. 재판매가 곤란한 정도로 상품등의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
8. 복제가 가능한 상품 등의 포장을 훼손한 경우